February 2012

1st A new month.
2nd Do I get Evanescence tickets?.
3rd Sorting out Evernote.
4th We bought a zoo at the movies.
5th Cleaning up the house.
6th What did I do today?
7th Relaxing swim.
8th Booking flowers.
9th Another day.
10th New collar for Summit.
11th A raining day at home.
12th Relaxing.
13th Closing the 1.5 with chalk.
14th A few roses, a cuddly dog and dinner.
15th Sorting ebooks.
16th What did I do today?
17th A night at the movies.
18th Smooth on, smooth off around Gembrook.
19th Relaxing.
20th Wish we had enough money to renovate.
21st Catching up with Sofie.
22nd Kale juice takes some getting used to.
23rd Hiding 30 DVDs.
24th I hate minute taking.
25th Another relaxing day.
26th Rain rain go away.
27th A very crazy day at work.
28th Is this going to stop?
29th LEAP Year.
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