December 2012

1st Dinner at Misty's Diner.
2nd Ripping out cupboards.
3rd RHT36 Cordless Hedge Trimmer.
4th Looking at Endone.
5th Sore today.
6th Lyrica time.
7th Relaxing.
8th Getting quotes for network.
9th Sanding.
10th Busy day on admin.
11th Performance review and blood bank.
12th Waiting for the Nexus 4 bumper.
13th Managing time and to-do lists.
14th Organising electricians and plumbers.
15th Working on switches.
16th Meeting the cable guy.
17th Cabling the house.
18th Back is killing me today.
19th Endone time.
20th The long way home, a 2 hour ride.
21st BBQ at 60 Degrees.
22nd Fiddling with tasker.
23rd Time to clean.
24th Drinks with the family.
25th Dinner with the family.
26th Relaxing.
27th Getting head cut open.
28th Pain pain go away.
29th Maria's birthday party.
30th Relaxing.
31st More relaxing.
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