August 2012

1st AV support and walking thru medical areas.
2nd What happend?
3rd Invisishield for the Nexus 7.
4th Feeling like crap.
5th Trying to relax and get rid of the sniffles.
6th More busy days.
7th Calls picking back up.
8th A crazy day with 55 calls.
9th Battery going flat and installing an auto-float charger.
10th Last day for a while.
11th Getting ready to do nothing.
12th Dinner with the family.
13th Relaxing.
14th Chasing down TVP.
15th A long drive to Apollo Bay.
16th Trying to find an internet connection.
17th Rugged up in front of the fire.
18th Walking around Colac.
19th Finding bargains at Rivers.
20th A lot of tv watching Drop Dead Diva and Big Love.
21st A great tofu burger at Lorne.
22nd A long drive home.
23rd Finding a great tofu shop at Forest Hill.
24th Fighting with Summit losing and getting a sore bleeding finger.
25th Getting an offer on the house.
26th At the ballet watching Sleeping Beauty.
27th Last day of relaxing.
28th New Dragon Jeans.
29th Signing contracts.
30th Details details details.
31st Bring on the sun.
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