April 2012

1st Watching Once Upon a Time.
2nd Juicing.
3rd Getting more recipes.
4th Some downtime on taeper.
5th No much happend.
6th Juice time.
7th Shopping for haloumi.
8th Easter with Erryns family.
9th Window shopping at Ikea.
10th Ralaxing at home.
11th Kenko extension tubes, CP-E4 battery pack, 16 Eneloop batteries.
12th Ordering Land of the Painted Caves.
13th More juice.
14th Running around in Myer and birthday party for Paul.
15th Easter with the family.
16th Ran out of kale.
17th Where is the juice?
18th Need to hit the gym again.
19th Another day of crazyness.
20th Time to stop buying stuff.
21st A few hundred photos at Costco.
22nd A day of Big Love series 2.
23rd New set of Baccarat pots and pans on order.
24th Getting Google Drive.
25th A relaxing day at home.
26th Is there a way to get Evernote to talk to Google Drive?
27th Getting colder.
28th What to cook?
29th Home Show.
30th Wanting to sell.
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