September 2011

1st Learning more dance steps.
2nd Bucks night.
3rd More planning.
4th Dinner at Erryn's parents.
5th Last few days at work.
6th Getting ready.
7th Final dance lesson.
8th Another zoo trip, this time we get to see behind the scenes.
9th A bit of a relaxing day.
10th Brand new suits.
11th A nice back massage to calm the nerves.
12th A night along.
13th Got married.
14th Relaxing day.
15th Back home and started packing for Tassie.
16th The ship was nice but the waves made us both feel iccky.
17th Arrive in Tassie.
18th Chairlift ride and walk up a mountain to Eagle Eyrie Lookout. Peaceful trip on Cataract Gorge.
19th Watching Tassie Devils eat and Parrots say "Goodbye" when you leave.
20th Walking down the Marakoopa cave.
21st Going around in circles getting lost is mazes.
22nd Four hour drive seeing the middle of Tassie and possible the best bakery as well.
23rd A long day at Port Arthur then the ghost tour.
24th Another day at Port Arthur.
25th Arrive in Hobart. The room is small but is has the essentials.
26th Cadbury Factory.
27th Looking at Hobart from the top of Mount Wellington.
28th Getting wet at Russell Falls.
29th A lazy morning walking around shops and the Shoot Tower.
30th Enchanted Woods and Tahune Airwalk.
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