October 2011

1st A wet rainy day at Salamanca Market.
2nd A long drive to Port Sorell via the Great Lake.
3rd A quiet day walking around Port Sorell. In Latrobe the Reliquaire shop is totally strange but wonderful at the same time and the Cherry shed.
4th Another relaxing day on port Sorell doing nothing much.
5th Being careful not to fall into Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain.
6th Back to Latrobe and Reliquaire. Devonport then on to the spirit of Tassie.
7th Back Home.
8th Dinner at Erryn's parents.
9th Relaxing Day.
10th Back at work trying to catch up on four weeks worth of emails.
11th Getting the wedding photos.
12th So much better riding on a tire with the correct pressure.
13th Clearing out lots of books.
14th Relaxing.
15th Back at the gym.
16th Enjoying a nice swim.
17th Trying to sort out tax.
18th Getting into swimming.
19th Power outage at home.
20th Time to get a new tv.
21st 42" of LED goodness.
22nd Walking a few kms around IKEA.
23rd Back at IKEA getting new furniture.
24th Ordering a new phone for Erryn.
25th A crazy day at work.
26th Trying to get some bonus credit for the TV.
27th Another day of nothing much.
28th Upgrade to DarkyRom 10.2.2.
29th Trying something new to lose the kgs.
30th A lazy day at home.
31st Gettin $100 in credit for movies.
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