November 2011

1st Cup Day lunch.
2nd A new 5 port switch.
3rd Sorting out 3D movies.
4th Bring on the sunny days.
5th Ride for a few hours and 200kms.
6th WVD.
7th Sorting stuff.
8th Less than 1TB left.
9th New drive in Lexx.
10th Bike maintenance workshop.
11th 4TB of goodness.
12th Really should be doing stuff around the house.
13th More IKEA.
14th More photos for wvd.
15th Sorting out phone battery.
16th Time for new boots.
17th Cleaning up and moving the server.
18th Lost sound on the TV.
19th A lazy day at home.
20th At the beach feeding chips to seagulls.
21st Back at the gym after a couple of weeks off.
22nd Trying new equipment at the gym.
23rd Even TVs need updating.
24th Sorting out bills and taking over both houses.
25th Adding Dragon of Pern series of books the the reading list.
26th .
27th .
28th .
29th .
30th New front braided brake line. Getting back one done soon.
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