May 2011

1st Sorting out Tassie trip.
2nd Need more download quota.
3rd Now double quota.
4th Happy Star Wars Day... May the 4th be with you!!!
5th Adding more stuff to
6th Dinner with Andy and Bronnie.
7th Not well.
8th Dinner with Erryn's parents.
9th Crazy day at work.
10th Closing the 1 CoC.
11th Sneezing for first half of the day at work then sneezing the second half of the day at home.
12th Sneesing and working from home.
13th Feeling much better.
14th Relaxing.
15th A day of couch sitting.
16th Closing the 1 CoC is getting easier but it's slipping so need to start using chalk.
17th How many passwords can be changed in one day?
18th 200GB is being used up fairly quick these days.
19th No 2 CoC has arrived.
20th Chasing insurance.
21st Getting suits measured up.
22nd A day on the couch.
23rd Taking the car to work for the week.
24th Closing No 1 CoC seems easier these days.
25th Fixing up some rouge code.
26th Another device in the house as Lexx gets streamed to the bedroom.
27th Finally sorted out the electricity bill.
28th A day at the Darks.
29th Resting at home.
30th Almost there.
31st Another year.
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