March 2011

1st Where did the sun go?
2nd Dinner at Peking Land.
3rd New screen cover and the phone looks better now.
4th Feeling like crap and need more sleep.
5th Riding around, 3 hours and 230kms.
6th Seeing Marina off at the airport.
7th Relaxing.
8th How did mum get on the news?
9th Really time to do stuff.
10th Where is the sun?
11th Mmmmmmm Lazagne.
12th So much good stuff at Ikea.
13th A dress has been ordered.
14th Slow day at work.
15th 144 ping pong balls = much fun and laughter.
16th Just another day at the desk.
17th Where are the cookies?
18th Dinner and The Adjustment Bueau.
19th Engagement party at Chrissie's.
20th Relaxing and not doing much.
21st Giving blood.
22nd Tired today.
23rd Bills bills and more bills.
24th Almost fixed the shower.
25th Bowling.
26th Afternoon with Bronnie and the family.
27th Back is killing me today.
28th Back is getting better.
29th Another book down.
30th Posting mobile phones.
31st Bring on the weekend.
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