June 2011

1st Bring on winter.
2nd Feel like staying under the doona.
3rd Training the new guy.
4th Relaxing.
5th Watching Ellie fight the bad guys.
6th Crazy day at work.
7th Closing the 1.5 CoC.
8th Back to reading on the couch.
9th Not closing the 1.5 CoC.
10th Major changes to wvd.
11th Updating books.
12th Resting.
13th Sleepless nights.
14th New nerf wars.
15th Chasing up insurance.
16th Organising the tiler.
17th False complaints at work.
18th Pasta for lunch and searching for movies.
19th Plans start for WVD.
20th Taking care of Erryn.
21st Concrete in the shower.
22nd Mmmmmmmm.....Coffee.....
23rd Parallel setting the 1.5 CoC.
24th Backing up 1.5TB online is going to take a while.
25th Final payment on my ring.
26th Live Solar panel data now online.
27th Cleaning up.
28th Mum returns.
29th Birthday ideas.
30th Where can I get a tea chest?
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