July 2011

1st Start of a new year.
2nd Party at Belinda's.
3rd Party at Andy's.
4th Google + is here.
5th I really should update the fuel stats.
6th Bike may need a service.
7th WVD almost there.
8th MooGoo.
9th Party for Christina.
10th Trying to keep warm.
11th Forgetting to pay the CC.
12th Buying blues glasses again.
13th Erryn off to Belly dancing.
14th Where is the cat?
15th Talking about house stuff.
16th Walking around the zoo.
17th Hair cut.
18th Linda leaving.
19th Need more rebooting.
20th Helping Sophie.
21st Buying glasses.
22nd Blues Brothers.
23rd Dinner with the family.
24th Cleaning.
25th Blocked drain again.
26th Trying to find a plumber.
27th Feeling like crap, silly cold.
28th Day off trying to rest.
29th Stopping coffee, back to tea.
30th First day at gym.
31st Relaxing.
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