February 2011

1st About time the online backup was done.
2nd Setting up backup sets.
3rd More rain.
4th Got the bike back.
5th A lazy day at home.
6th Looking for a new photographer.
7th A crazy day at work.
8th New boots, gloves and cheek pads.
9th Slowly going down.
10th Planning dinner for Monday.
11th Back up a bit.
12th Phone almost dead.
13th Getting new phone.
14th Trying a new card.
15th That was quick. New phone is here.
16th Mobile number ported to the new phone and company.
17th Now need to get more cables for phone.
18th Having fun with Android.
19th New toy is fun.
20th Twitter you Twitter me.
21st 100 calls for the day.
22nd Still way to busy at work.
23rd Dinner at Sophie's.
24th Planning for Tassie.
25th Is the shower fixed?
26th Staying at the Seibel.
27th Relaxing at home
28th A crazy day at work.
Powered by: 30 degree hot days