December 2011

1st Back brake line done.
2nd Bring on the weekend.
3rd Dinner at the Italian Club.
4th A few hours in the garage making more room.
5th Crazy day at work.
6th Interest rates dropped again.
7th Elton John concert.
8th A day off trying to keep cool.
9th BBQ breakfast at work.
10th Traing ride around Gembrook.
11th L3 disc really painful but the pain killers are helping.
12th In bed and in pain.
13th Slowly getting better.
14th Moving around a bit more.
15th Back at work and taking it easy.
16th Back feeling better.
17th Christmas Shopping.
18th Looking at units for Marina.
19th Physio at Monash Medical Centre.
20th Buying Toasters.
21st Last day at work.
22nd Researching tyres.
23rd atching up with Alex.
24th Lunch at Erryn's Parents.
25th Lunch at Bronnie's.
26th Lunch at Erryn's parent's again.
27th A lazy day at home.
28th Sharing a Coke with Erryn.
29th New Kevlar jeans.
30th Catching up with Alex and USA Foods.
31st Curry that turned into pizza.
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