August 2011

1st Getting a medical cert for the gym.
2nd Getting into the swing of the gym.
3rd Getting over the cold.
4th Still got the cough.
5th So there is a radio on the phone.
6th Gym, Warragul and 10kgs of Suga.
7th Folding boxes.
8th Nail in rear tyre.
9th Bike in to get fixed.
10th Another dance lesson.
11th Only a few weeks until the holiday starts, can't wait.
12th More organising.
13th Relaxing in the heated pool.
14th Power spike kills Foxtel and the net until a reboot fixes it.
15th Meeting up with the DJ.
16th Trying to relax my sore back.
17th Morning are so much fun.
18th Cleaning.
19th More cleaning.
20th Relaxing day at the Island.
21st More reading.
22nd Another dance lesson.
23rd A day with nothing to do?
24th Menu tasting at the Zoo.
25th Hair cut.
26th Organising music.
27th Meeting with Kim.
28th A sleepy day.
29th Half a litre of blood leaving from my left arm.
30th More planning.
31st Another dance lesson.
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