April 2011

1st More testing.
2nd Relaxing at home.
3rd New Lens???
4th Research on a new macro lens price.
5th Getting the Oz books.
6th Back into walking.
7th Major outage at work means a lot of lost dollars.
8th Driving in the dark.
9th A relaxing day at the Island.
10th More relaxing on the couch.
11th Trying to catch up on work.
12th Tired for some reason.
13th Making pasta.
14th Making pizza.
15th Dealing with idiots.
16th Sold the 100mm macro.
17th What lens do I chose?
18th Bought the 100mm L macro.
19th Time to look for a new insurance company.
20th Happy times.
21st Last day of a short week.
22nd A day of Big Bang Theory.
23rd More Big Bang.
24th Easter with the family.
25th More Big Bang Theory.
26th Taking care of Erryn.
27th Getting maps and planning for Tassie.
28th Back at work for a busy day.
29th Trying on suits.
30th Updating maps.
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