September 2010

1st Where did all this rain come from?
2nd Slowly getting there.
3rd Getting used to fasting.
4th New brakes.
5th A very long day in the garden.
6th Healing sore hands.
7th Dropping slowly.
8th Tapering off a bit.
9th Switching to gmail.
10th Cleaning is done.
11th Little River here we come.
12th So many blue and white things in Geelong.
13th She said yes.
14th A relaxing day.
15th Back at work with a cold.
16th Getting better.
17th Creating a new site.
18th Katheryn got engaged.
19th A day at the zoo photographing the tigers.
20th Going up, going down.
21st Pigging out a bit.
22nd Cleaning has begun.
23rd Updating sites.
24th Betting on the AFL Grand Final.
25th The last of the trailer moving.
26th See, there is space in the house!
27th A busy day at work and feeling like crap.
28th Dinner at Delhi Moguls.
29th Adding more info to the site about us.
30th Another day on the desk.
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