October 2010

1st Looking forward to the weekend.
2nd Ride to Warragul.
3rd Getting supplies for the party.
4th Where has the sun gone?
5th Cat chasing mops.
6th Happy 18th to Simon.
7th Organising for remote support.
8th End of a long week.
9th Simons 18th.
10th Cleaning up.
11th Watching steps.
12th A few RSVPs have arrived.
13th Go Nuts!
14th Captains of Crush has started with Sport.
15th It's hot, it's cold.
16th The last of the major cleaning.
17th Sundsay at work.
18th New day, new tool.
19th Finally getting on top of things.
20th Why are there clouds?
21st A shopping we will go... a shopping we will go.
22nd A day off to get ready.
23rd Engagement party.
24th Way too sleepy.
25th Cleaning bbq grill qith the karcher is nice and easy.
26th Why am I accepting a photo gig?
27th Feeling like crap.
28th Adding more stuff to site.
29th It's going to be a long weekend.
30th Setting up for WVD.
31st WVD.
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