May 2010

1st Found the house key.
2nd More packing and cleaning the house.
3rd Getting more storage space in the room.
4th No more media player in the bedroom, now it's in the lounge room.
5th Finally moved stuff around to make more room.
6th Happy birthday to M.
7th Dinner at the club.
8th New couch to cuddle on.
9th Dinner at Erryn's.
10th Rewritting css for WVD.
11th .More expos are a coming.
12th Getting cold, time to put the winter lining back in the jacket.
13th Back to walking.
14th A night alone.
15th Dinner at Indian.
16th Chasing goblins in the labrynth.
17th Time to sort out the bathroom.
18th Another extension hose for the Karcher should be enough for the house.
19th Slowly getting smaller numbers.
20th Is this a cold coming on?
21st A two hour bus and train ride to end the working week.
22nd Almost done packing.
23rd Deposit on a ring.
24th Trying not to burn pasties.
25th First payment for the couch is due.
26th Down to 132.
27th Time to try a new shampoo.
28th Back to counting.
29th Day at home doing nothing.
30th Pink fondant icing.
31st Another year gone by.
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