June 2010

1st When are the new plans coming out?
2nd Writing everything down.
3rd Another busy day at the desk.
4th Cleaning up.
5th Running around at the PMA Expo.
6th Feeling crap.
7th Damn stupid Learningfast Windows 7 test is no worky properly.
8th Trying to pay the insurance.
9th Are new batteries needed?
10th Time for a new collar for Summit.
11th An empty house for a few days for us.
12th Cooking stuff and enjoying it.
13th Several hours of Masterchef.
14th Profriteroles.
15th Tug of war with Crystal Reports.
16th Lyekka ran out of space. Time to get a new hard drive.
17th New Telstra plans makes things interesting.
18th Watching Phantom of the Opera.
19th More kitchen stuff and finally found a metal winding grater.
20th Another meeting and updates to the site.
21st A new job for three weeks.
22nd Walking, walking, walking.
23rd Settling in.
24th Forgetting to write things down.
25th Catching up with the team.
26th Getting ready for the move.
27th Moving stuff home.
28th Chasing why insurance took so much.
29th Handing over eight grand.
30th 16 new panels on the roof.
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