July 2010

1st Got to wait a few days for the panels to be turned on.
2nd Time to do some tax.
3rd A nice drive to Warrigul.
4th Getting a nice refund.
5th A busy day with gloves that are too thick.
6th First day of solar power on the grid.
7th Organising Current Cost data logger to feed to Powermeter.
8th A slower day at work.
9th Back to nice sunshine.
10th Getting some info wrong and delaying tax return.
11th Back at the desk.
12th Trying to configure the current cost.
13th Back to walking.
14th Damn current cost wont pickup any readings.
15th Two rings are ready.
16th A quiet day relaxing and playing with Nerf Guns.
17th Picked up the rings.
18th A long, wet day travelling on public transport.
19th Feeling like crap and spending the night rugged up with extra blankets.
20th Better today.
21st Organising a meter change over.
22nd IE not playing nice with line breaks.
23rd A little bit of cleaning goes a long way.
24th More power Egor, I need more POWER!
25th Relaxing and sorting out the boxes.
26th Finally got the image for the panels up.
27th Slowly getting the image of daily use.
28th Where is the sun?
29th A great night at The Tea Garden.
30th End of a long week.
31st Last bit of packing. Now all stuff is in boxes or bags.
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