January 2010

1st A new domain name added to the list.
2nd Where did the cat go?
3rd Watching penguins and looking at jewelry.
4th Back at work for a busy start of the year.
5th Found some cake toppers.
6th Taking care of a sore tooth.
7th Making lots of Cat5e cables.
8th Increasing the downloads.
9th Time to sort out cupboards.
10th Need more room.
11th Trying to stay cool in the 44°C heat.
12th Squeezebox Boom.
13th $24 pay rise.
14th Finally sorting a few things out in the room.
15th Getting up early and taking the car to work.
16th Buying pillows.
17th Running around Queen Vic Market and getting number plate for desk.
18th Another new toy, the Squeezebox Boom.
19th Walking and budgets.
20th Some people just don't understand. I have no control if someone else does not call you!
19th Another late night with sore teeth.
20th Booking in for photowalk.
21st Sleeping while others wait outside, banging on the window and try to get in.
22nd Smarter than your average bear.
23rd Dinner at Erryn's parents.
24th Walking around the wedding expo.
25th Getting half a litre of blood sucked from my arm.
26th Catching up with family.
27th Messing around with the phone and screwing things up, good thing there is a backup.
28th Forgetting the contacts means not seeing the board clearly.
29th Slow day at work trying to beat the heat.
30th Getting head cut open.
31st Sore head and trying to be careful of the stitches.
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