February 2010

1st Still a bit sore with a mild headache.
2nd A day at home resting.
3rd Getting the kitchen light fixed.
4th Two less cars in the back yard.
5th More tupperware.
6th Whirlpool photowalk.
7th Got the air-con in the car fixed.
8th Replanning plans.
9th Boxes and boxes of fruit.
10th In The Pool Room.
11th Buzzing in gmail.
12th Time to rent the house.
13th cleaning the driveway.
14th Buying a karcher to get things done right.
15th More toys and longer hoses.
16th A day away from the office and getting ready to setup 200L of water.
17th Being kicked by the sleeping beauty.
18th A few days apart.
19th Another day being apart.
20th Starting to get boxes ready for the move.
21st House to ourselves for a few days.
22nd Email and a network drive down = a busy day at work.
23rd A relaxing dinner at Sophia's.
24th Oils aint oils.
25th Flat battery.
26th Expensive taxi ride to work.
27th Talking to agents about renting.
28th Baking baking and more baking.
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