December 2010

1st Giving Con details on solar panels.
2nd Back to some better weather.
3rd Dinner at Gurkah's Nepalese Restaurant.
4th Lunch at Gopals.
5th Lazy days.
6th Passed ITIL V3.
7th Where is the plumber?
8th Here comes the rain.
9th At Caulfield.
10th $900 later and the fridge has water.
11th Engagement party for Kathryn and John.
12th Toy Run.
13th Back into some sunny days.
14th Nerf wars!
15th A day at the beach.
16th Dinner with work mates.
17th Fun with Kris Kringle.
18th The day at home.
19th More rain?
20th Getting into the holiday spirit.
21st Fun days at work.
22nd Last day at work having fun with Nerf guns.
23rd Saw the ring again.
24th Wrapping pressies.
25th Christmas with the families.
26th Kobo shopping.
27th Kobo buying.
28th Lunch at Ocean Grove.
29th At Phillip Island.
30th Started to read Tomorrow When The War Began.
31st Have a happy new year.
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