August 2010

1st Sore backs from massages.
2nd Tax input.
3rd Feeling crappy and sleepy.
4th Got a call from the zoo.
5th A day in meetings.
6th New cat food.
7th New toys.
8th Best day so far getting 14kWs.
9th A good day to test.
10th Lowest day so far.
11th Another slow day.
12th Time to look for a car.
13th Way too much Mexican and ice cream.
14th More packing.
15th Even more packing.
16th Skipping a few things.
17th Rearanging leave.
18th Research into east stop eat.
19th I really should make those cables.
20th Where did the sun go?
21st Killer seagulls.
22nd Buying new car.
23rd Is ese going to work?
24th Applying for my own job.
25th Taking care of a sore wrist.
26th Resting.
27th New car.
28th The last of the packing.
29th House online.
30th Clearing out some junk.
31st Updating sites.
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