April 2010

1st Goofed and messed up the port forwarding.
2nd Cleaning and packing.
3rd Taking couches to Phillip Island.
4th Lunch at the family.
5th Research on Solar panels.
6th Kicking back relaxing.
7th With all this rain it would be great to have a large water tank.
8th Possibly found a new remote.
9th Cough slowly going away.
10th Taking a zoo tour.
11th Finally, a day to relax and do nothing.
12th Sore back today.
13th Back feeling a bit better.
14th Back feeling great after a massage.
15th Way too sleepy to get up and go to work.
16th Drain all fixed and clear.
17th Photographing a wedding.
18th Is one kilo of jelly beans too much?
19th Time for a hair cut.
20th Looking at units.
21st Spandau Ballet concert in the corporate box.
22nd Damn you Myki! Why don't you work?
23rd Been a while since I last wore the Blues Jacket.
24th Catching up with Sofie.
25th Another day at Sofie's.
26th Back at home trying to relax.
27th Yikes! Ring is five and a half grand.
28th Damn you Mr Firewall!
29th Being locked out of the house.
30th Yay, couch is ready.
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