September 2009

1st New camera has been announced. Should I get the 7D?
2nd Moving along nicely.
3rd Getting compliments from other staff at work.
4th Interviewing new recruits.
5th A slower day at the factory.
6th Taking photos of Archie, the new family member.
7th Processing photos.
8th Silly banks. Have to sort out manual payment of loan.
9th Nine nine nine.
10th More interviews for work.
11th Notes admin training.
12th Dinner watching the kids dance.
13th Walking around the zoo with Erryn.
14th What! No comment?
15th Busy day at work with a few away.
16th Ordering new boots.
17th Trining in Notes.
18th More training.
19th Walking around the shops.
20th Another day with Erryn.
21st New card from the bank.
22nd Booking the house out for the weekend.
23rd Having Erryn over for dinner.
24th Ordered a new phone. Going back to Nokia land.
25th Cuddling on the couch.
26th Watching the grand final.
27th Organising the cars to be taken away.
28th New Phone.
29th Buying more stuff on Ebay.
30th Wisdom tooth flaring up again.
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