October 2009

1st Tooth slowly getting better.
2nd New contract.
3rd Dinner with the family.
4th Taking care of a headache.
5th Stuck in a meeting for half the day.
6th Rates starting to climb again, .25% up.
7th Catching up and measuring for a new bed.
8th Pay rise?
9th Watching movies.
10th Breaking beds, buying beds, dinner at the families.
11th Walking around the aquarium.
12th Another toy for the desk.
13th These boots are made for walking.....
14th Finding out you can't take photos at the museum.
15th Getting new sheets.
16th First dinner.
17th Watching Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.
18th Tax time.
19th A suprise waiting for me at home.
20th New cordless phones on desks.
21st Updating cards.
22nd Clearing out things.
23rd Back feeling better... nope, there is goes again.
24th New sheets for the bed and new toys for the desk.
25th Driving a couple of hours to get wet.
26th Delivering phones.
27th Taking a long walk to pick up a compact flash card.
28th Basketball photos.
29th More walking.
30th Congrats on the new job at the bank.
31st Listening to the rain and getting ready for tomorrow.
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