November 2009

1st Another long day at World Vegan Day running around and spending too much money.
2nd Half burning cookies.
3rd Here come the horsies.
4th First new TB drive installed and synced.
5th Second drive installed.
6th Crazy kiss from a rose in the front seat.
7th Crafty plants and bbqs that didn't happen.
8th Oils aint oils if you don't put any in the engine.
9th Hot nights = chasing cheeky cats that want to stay outside.
10th Two new drives.
11th 2.7TB of storage space. That should be enough for a while.
12th Looking at the new X-12.
13th Trying to keep cool in the heat.
14th BBQ at the extended families house.
15th Orchids, trains and hair dye.
16th Searching for info on the toy run.
17th Bike back from the service.
18th One almost dead car.
19th Bike stalled....strange.
20th Another bike stall.
21st Feeling crappy.
22nd Looking at tiny houses.
23rd Fixed stalling bike, silly vacuum hose was kincked.
24th More training, this time in HDAA Customer Service.
25th Back into the stats and graphs reporting.
26th Time to but back the waterproof lining.
27th Chuck Wood and Teddy E Bear.
28th Sam's birthday.
29th 50 candy canes to give away.
30th The new 2010 1400GTR looks awesome.
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