May 2009

1st Looking at Macro Ring lights.
2nd Buying the Macro Ring lights.
3rd Speedo on bike stopped working.
4th Checking out a different bike shop.
5th Ordered new cable and mirror for bike.
6th Got the cable, now waiting for the mechanic to get in and fit it to the bike.
7th New toy has arrived.
8th Playing with the new ring light.
9th Need sleep, long night messing around with Terry.
10th Chatting to Tania.
11th Why do people argue and stress over 18 cents?
12th Getting images clearer without the colour noise setting.
13th Have to work out why the laptop won't shutdown.
14th So that is how you use the brush!
15th Finally got around to processing some more pics.
16th Running around getting stuff with lots of nuts.
17th Lunch and Gabby's 21st.
18th Bring on the 2x extender.
19th Insurance sorted out.
20th Bucket loads of pasta.
21st Quiet day at work due to lots of staff on strike.
22nd Light, lights and more lights.
23rd Time to go strobist?
24th Hundreads of earplugs.
25th Counting.
26th Time for Tofu.
27th Paying insurance for the camera gear.
28th Alex is back in town.
29th Fixed the speedo cable on the bike.
30th Why am I working with Terry again?
31st Another year older.
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