March 2009

1st Photographing at the beach.
2nd Nothing much, just the usual stuff.
3rd Juicing bags of lemmons.
4th Spending the day at Lotusphere.
5th Chasing up Lotus training and performance reports.
6th Payout from work.
7th Computer and network stuff is in.
8th Setting up storage for gigabit.
9th Where is the ATM?
10th New pc at home, just have to set it up.
11th Maybe I should read the manual for the new network stuff?
12th Bowling with friends.
13th New pc all setup.
14th Rearanging rooms.
15th Processing photos and getting the vpn up and running.
16th Getting used to the vpn and a new way of connecting to the network.
17th Setting up new site for the vpn.
18th Drive probs?
19th Bought David Copperfield tickets and started chatting to Belinda.
20th Movie with Belinda.
21st Processing photos.
22nd Cleaning up, washing bike and processing more photos.
23rd Chasing the Batman.
24th Catching up with old friends and work mates.
25th New lens's, battery grip and a other stuff.
26th Playing with new gear.
27th Info about a new job.
28th Calebrating lenses.
29th Wanting more gear, this time a ring flash.
30th Infomapping course.
31st Looking at another job.
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