June 2009

1st Ideas for this months comp, money, bricks and time.
2nd Tofu and Bean Curd phase.
3rd Itching to get the camera out and takes some shots.
4th Got new mirror for bike and booked it in for a service in a few weeks time.
5th Why has the VPN stopped working?
6th Walking around Myuna farm taking pics.
7th Kicking back relaxing and processing pics.
8th It's getting cold these days.
9th Getting suited up for the wet ride.
10th Getting the gear ready for the soccer shoot on the weekend.
11th Making more room in the room, no real need for the portable aircon in winter.
12th A very busy day at work when the email from several servers drops at the same time.
13th Shooting soccer players for a few hours.
14th Processing photos.
15th Posting off the paperwork to fix the loan.
16th Mr Matty swings by to say hello.
17th Getting the bike serviced from Pablos.
18th Bike fixed but needs a new tyre.
19th Bike all fixed, new mirror and front tyre.
20th Couple of new heaters.
21st These heaters don't do much.
22nd Wanting more lenses. Thinking about not getting a new bike and get new lenses instead.
23rd New bike shop in town, looks interesting.
24th Don't reverse into a truck, it will damage the car.
25th New seat cover.
26th Interest rates up another .4%, good thing it is locked into a fixed rate.
27th Watching and listening to MJ all day.
28th Recoding parts of the site.
29th Catching up with Sofie.
30th Paying less tax means a pay rise of a few $ per week.
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