July 2009

1st Organising the cars.
2nd More rewrites to the site to automate the months.
3rd Good thing I have the wets on.
4th Ideas for shooting but too hard to organise.
5th More camera gear, Wimberley, pouches, filters.
6th Bank called up asking about the visa purchase, good to see they are helpful.
7th Another year over and time to do the reports.
8th Planning to spend the day at the zoo if all goes well on the weekend.
9th Feel like utter crap today.
10th Fixed interest up another .2%.
11th Birthday at Christina's.
12th Hard drives dropping in price but now looking at smaller ones.
13th Moving stuff around to make room for more stuff.
14th Getting stats on what lenses and focal length get used the most.
15th Started to move things around.
16th Wondering why people get things to you so late.
17th Getting ready for a long walk.
18th Photowalk
19th Moving stuff around and getting heaps of extra space to put things.
20th Another fun day with Notes.
21st Bike running rough after putting in fuel?
22nd Rearanging network gear to help things along.
23rd 22" of goodness coming my way.
24th Need to pickup a few more things to setup the new monitor when it gets here.
25th Removing filters from lenses to see what will change.
26th Where did the mono-pod go?
27th New monitor has arrived.
28th Finally got the hang of the i1 Display.
29th Chasing cats and their food.
30th Catching up with Sofie.
31st Mmmmmmmm... Salty chips.
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