January 2009

1st New day of a new year!
2nd Running around taking photos of sharks and underwater creatures.
3rd Playing with new lens 24mm f/1.4.
4th Relaxing and not doing much.
5th Started new job at Monash Uni.
6th Chasing the car.
7th Finished painting the house.
8th No more free car parking.
9th Dinner at Andy's and getting the house fixed.
10th Another day at the aquarium.
11th Arranging to get the car back.
12th Got the car back.
13th Light tent arrived and setup in the room.
14th First attempt at the coloured wine glasses.
15th The first go didn't work out as planned. On to the next plan.
16th Setting everything up and getting ready.
17th Photographing wine glasses.
18th The usual cleaning and shopping.
19th More studio lights arrive.
20th Time to setup a new server?
21st Starting more work on the house.
22nd More idea for photos.
23rd Organising more work on the house.
24th Globe to Globe festival.
25th Photographing the beach at the island.
26th Processing pics and the normal house stuff.
27th Time to put a 'No junk mail' sticker on the letter box. Way too much useless stuff everyday.
28th Cancelling dinner due to sunburn.
29th Trying to beat the heat.
30th Buying bathroom items for the house.
31st Got the bike back.
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