February 2009

1st Briefcase full of Blues at the Zoo.
2nd Researching juicers.
3rd Entering macro competition.
4th Looking at juicers.
5th Bought the Champion juicer.
6th Mmmmmmmmm.....juice......
7th Heading to the island.
8th Usual stuff at home.
9th Damn server!
10th Time to get new server going.
11th Trying to get php configured.
12th House finished inside mostly.
13th Ordered NAS box.
14th Getting new machine up to speck.
15th Buying stuff from Godffreys.
16th Nut Butter time.
17th Chatting to Sofie.
18th More juicing.
19th Day at planning and photographing hats.
20th Cleaning.
21st Sorting out the server.
22nd End of the three month holiday.
23rd Back to dial up speeds for a few days.
24th Started to write things down.
25th NAS box arrived and setup.
26th Getting a new machine and network gear.
27th Ordered the new equipment.
28th Spent the day at the Island watching the bikes.
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