December 2009

1st Another rate rise.
2nd I want the new 1400GTR.
3rd Fiddling with some code.
4th Dinner with work mates.
5th Dinner at ecuisine.
6th Wanting to buy a new house.
7th Spending the day getting rid of crap from a laptop.
8th Feeling like crap, sneezing and running nose.
9th Getting better, no more sneezing but nose still sniffly.
10th Need to get something better to watch movies and stuff.
11th Lunch with a few dozen people from work.
12th Taking care of Erryn.
13th Toy Run.
14th EVA9150 coming soon.
15th EVA9150 here and hooked into the network.
16th A few hundred extra for the holidays.
17th Pre planning the early planning.
18th Party time at work.
19th Relaxing at the Island.
20th Yet another computer added to the network.
21st Picked up laptop.
22nd Setting up laptop for the suprise.
23rd Running around for a tea pot.
24th Pre Christmas dinner party.
25th Christmas lunch at Erryn's parents.
26th A small break from the several days of partys.
27th Yet another Christmas party.
28th Maria's birthday party.
29th Ride to Yea.
30th Another hot day and trying to relax.
31st Seeing out the new year with a bang.
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