August 2009

1st Weekend at Neerim.
2nd Relaxing and photographing Mount Baw Baw ski run.
3rd Processing photos.
4th Time to do stuff.
5th Ordered Throttlemeisters.
6th Bike running better.
7th Ordered more stuff from Menzbiz.
8th Cutting timer at the factory.
9th More cutting.
10th Losing half a liter of blood.
11th More space with the smaller keyboard.
12th Time to check the insulation in the roof.
13th Capped, but it will only last a few hours.
14th Back at full speed and getting more things.
15th Watching David Copperfield make things disappear.
16th Fitting new grips to bike.
17th Finding more people to chat to.
18th Fuel back to normal usage.
19th Is that an oil leak?
20th Updating the site.
21st Running out of tofu.
22nd Another day at the zoo.
23th Resting cats.
24th Need more tofu.
25th Home just in time as thunder from the clouds and lightning from the sky erupts.
26th More chatting.
27th Another late night at the factory.
28th A quiet day that got busy with a meeting involving 300 people.
29th A long day at the factory.
30th Relaxing doing nothing much.
31st 4GB ram in machine so it should run better now.
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