April 2009

1st Last day of training.
2nd Well what do you know? Another day of training.
3rd Organising more people for the house.
4th Getting items for this months photo comp.
5th Ride for the Hills, then the long way home from Whitlesea.
6th Finding out about solar power.
7th Performance plans.
8th Getting that itch for a bigger bike that just needs to be scratched.
9th Week off work.
10th Time to lock it in?
11th Day at the zoo.
12th Day at the aquarium.
13th Ladysmith Black Mambazo are touring soon.
14th Looking at more Netgear stuff.
15th New jacket and gloves.
16th Day at Healesville Sanctuary.
17th Getting bruised by nurses.
18th Upgrading to a bigger internet plan.
19th Lunch with the rest of the family for Easter.
20th Back at work and getting more network gear, this time ethernet over power.
21st Trying to explain to Telstra the account has been open for many years.
22nd Running around on campus getting feedback from users.
23rd Locking in interest rates.
24th Chasing cats.
25th Getting capped.
26th Sorting out the camera gear for insurance.
27th Researching flash.
28th Grandma not well.
29th Back to the days of dos.
30th Remember to reset the firewall after rebooting.
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