September 2008

1st First day of spring means more sneezing from all the pollen.
2nd Playing with a 40D with a 70-200 L 2.8 IS.
3rd End of the year again and time to do the financial report.
4th Finalising reports.
5th Another trip to the new house to check things out.
6th AGM and dinner at Soulmama.
7th A somewhat relaxing day.
8th Rearanging rooms around.
9th Walking walking walking.
10th Contacting Fish.
11th Breaking lights.
12th Gotta love pay days.
13th Sleepless nights getting called out at 2am.
14th New tv.
15th Fixing the bike and trying to get it to run better.
16th More paperwork.
17th Almost there and sorting out the credit.
18th Helping Sofie with menus.
19th YAY. Two hundred grand has been approved. Just one last bit of paperwork to send off.
20th Starting the organising for wvd a bit late.
21st Spending way too much at Rishons.
22nd Another 4 hours of late night on call at the office.
23rd Updating sites and getting ready to read and sign the official docs.
24th Meeting with the solicitor.
25th A lazy night on the couch.
26th One of the on call guys left so now there are only two of us doing it.
27th Another wvd meeting and getting things organised.
28th 50 lights to be changed.
29th Working lates means sleeping in.
30th Chasing banks and tupperware.
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