October 2008

1st Damn bank fees. Time to change accounts.
2nd Fixing blinds, or at least trying to.
3rd Time to sell the house?
4th Updating sites
5th Cooking 20kgs or spuds to feed a lot of hungry people.
6th Spending more on Tupperware.
7th Interest rates dropping.
8th More late nights updating sites.
9th Don't ya hate when you get a flat tyre?
10th Chasing fish.
11th Relaxing and missing meetings.
12th Watching the dollar drop.
13th A few hundred tea bags and catching up with ghosts.
14th Cashing fish?
15th Hey look, there is a new cat in town.
16th Next time, remember the keys.
17th Everything should be here on Wednesday.
18th Second last meeting for wvd.
19th Running around getting stuff for next week.
20th Bring on the caterpillars.
21st Getting back into ebay and spending way too much $$.
22nd Loan has come in. Now just waiting on the last bit of paperwork.
23rd Off to the solicitors again.
24th Talking to banks to get info on what they have done.
25th Spend a few hours at the convent to get a feel for the place.
26th 5am start and 8pm finish. What a great day.
27th Getting over the sore legs from the long day.
28th Withdrawing some of the dollars to pay for the house.
29th Damn banks wont let me take out that much.
30th A hundred and fifty thousand dollar bill. Yikes!
31st All done and finished.
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