November 2008

1st Relaxing at the Island.
2nd Getting stuff organized to finish off the house.
3rd Leaking taps at 3am.
4th Quiet day at work while others watch horses.
5th Grabbing dollars to pay for mums car.
6th Interest rates down another .55%
7th Time to look for more work as we have been bought out.
8th Cleaning gutters and updating resumes.
9th Gone fishing and got a few nibbles.
10th More work on the bbqs.
11th Getting more updated for the site.
12th Updating sites.
13th Updating resume.
14th Riding in the rain.
15th 3am phone calls.
16th Spending way too many hours at work.
17th Car all fixed.
18th Am I moving to Canberra?
19th Smashing the car two days after getting it fixed.
20th More updates to site.
21st Breaking blinds.
22nd Converting html to php for bbqs.
23rd Shopping, spending, working, cleaning and all things normal.
24th Interview at Greythorn.
25th Interview Monash Uni.
26th Got the Monash job. Me is happy :)
27th Looks like everyone at work is getting new jobs.
28th Put deposit down on the 5D2.
29th Bought a bunch of Lens Coats.
30th More spending, this time Whibal and FOTZ.
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