May 2008

1st More chatting.
2nd Unblocking drains.
3rd Not catching up.
4th More missed nights.
5th Close but so far away.
6th Plans for friday and going out for dinner.
7th Learning more and making plans.
8th Will tomorrow happen?
9th Nope it didn't.
10th Relaxing doing nothing much.
11th Contacting and more promises.
12th Stepping up and increasing to hills.
13th More questions and spending $ on ebay.
14th I guess 800 candles and 72 holders should be enough.
15th Making plans for the weekend.
16th Back on the roster.
17th Waiting.
18th Confused and not knowing what to do.
19th Camera searching.
20th Lens searching.
21st Getting to know the L series.
22nd Finally getting the grass cut.
23th Not showing again.
24th Time to back into photography?
25th Bike running rough and booked in to get fixed.
26th Headhunted.
27th Sending out resumes and hunting for more jobs.
28th Didn't get it but still searching.
29th More chatting.
30th A new housemate possibly.
31st Another year on this earth.
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