March 2008

1st Bikeless again.132.4
2nd It's time for action in the BL.134.8
3rd Slip sliding away.133.1
4th More $ on the bike to fix the leak.134.4
5th $360 on electricity.134.5
6th A real contact?134.5
7th More emails and suprise meeting up tomorrow.133.2
8th A nervous coffee with Candy.132.3
9th Emails and trying to figure out SQL.131.9
10th Finally figured it out.131.7
11th More work on the site.131.9
12th Getting my head around sql.132.4
13th More searching.132.2
14th On call.131.9
15th Dylan gets a new brother or maybe a sister.130.9
16th Paid off treadmill, should be delivered soon.130.6
17th Chasing cats.131.9
18th Another penny less month but at least everything is paid.132.0
19th More contacts.132.2
20th More research and selling friends.132.2
21st Kicking back relaxing.132.2
22nd On call132.2
23rd Another ride to the Island and getting covered in bugs.132.2
24th Time to go fishing and catch some fish.132.2
25th Good bye to Mulgrave.132.2
26th More training.132.2
27th Another day at South Melbourne.132.2
28th A long 12 hour day.132.2
29th Searching for fish.132.2
30th Contacting fish.132.2
31st Last day at Mulgrave.132.2
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