June 2008

1st More research into 5D and L stuff.
2nd On call.
3rd 100 ear plugs.
4th More on call and getting hit and run over by a car, what a great day.
5th Day off work resting my leg.
6th Still a bit sore but getting better.
7th Forgetting to take the bike to the mechanics.
8th More no shows.
9th Kicking back and relaxing, leg just about healed.
10th Took the bike in to the mechanics.
11th More head hunting and searching for work.
12th A new interview and updating cv's.
13th Leg getting better.
14th Party at Sue's.
15th Last night of relaxing, back to work in the morning.
16th Applied for a job at Fosters.
17th Contacting Cupcakes.
18th Leg still sore and getting more purple.
19th Time to move.
20th Searching for banks.
21st Missing in action.
22nd Chasing cats.
23rd Is tomorrow going to happen?
24th Loosing the little ones that we want so badly :(
25th Getting called out at 2am is always fun.
26th Kiss from a rose.
27th More missing in action.
28th Banking, finance and all things $.
29th Calling in loan debts.
30th Agreeing, nodding of the head, saying yes but thinking something very different.
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