July 2008

1st More research into 5D and L stuff.
2nd Metting with the bank guy.
3rd Cutting back and trying to save.
4th Driving around in the company car trying to find this place. Where is it?
5th Christina's birthday party.
6th Starting to buy photography stuff.
7th Job searching.
8th Where is the romance?
9th Another interview planned.
10th More packing.
11th Interview went well and will see what happens.
12th Lets see how these one days go for a few days.
13th Almost time to get the new lens.
14th Didn't get the job.
15th Time to get the loan all signed up.
16th Booked Foxtel to be moved.
17th Booked a truck to move everything to new house.
18th New toy.
19th Getting used to the weight of the new lens.
20th How many candles are there on the table?
21st Collecting boxes for the packing.
22nd More Tupperware.
23rd Finally found the photography books I have been looking for.
24th Time to post process some of the images and see what can be done with them.
25th Training new guy at work.
26th First lot of boxes moved to the new house.
27th More moving.
28th Telling the owner I am not going to renew the lease.
29th Last time I pay rent.
30th More packing.
31st More Pez for the desk at work.
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