January 2008

1st Quiet day relaxing. 132.4
2nd Shopping for rockets for my feet.133.9
3rd Don't feel well and feel like crap.134.2
4th Feeling a bit better and looking forward to the weekend to get some rest.132.1
5th Catching up with friends I haven't seen for a long time.131.9
6th Plans for another outing.131.2
7th Ebay account was compromised but all fixed now.130.9
8th Spending more on the bike setting it up for longer rides.131.0
9th Rang Calvin and booked the bike in to get the tank fixed.131.4
10th Chasing cats trying to get them inside at night. They love to play hide and seek.131.4
11th Looking for a pasta maker. What do I look for?132.3
12th Bikeless :-(132.0
13th Posting gumtrees.131.1
14th Updating vnv and making it work.130.6
15th New lawn guy.131.2
16th Finding rabbits at the back of factories.130.9
17th Staying back for some overtime.131.7
18th New Cat in town.133.1
19th Speeding up the net.132.5
20th Dinner with friends and helping with his site.132.7
21st Expensive Tefal, but good stuff.132.5
22nd A few more dollars here and there and the net is lightning fast again.132.3
23rd Called the shop about the bike and it will be a while as they are still working on it.131.1
24th On call for another week.130.7
25th Bike will be ready on Tuesday.130.8
26th Planning another route in the gps.130.8
27th Right in the middle of the fourth set of the tennis Singapore call and I have go into work.131.3
28th Researching firewalls.133.1
29th New seat for the bike.134.2
30th Meeting KPIs.132.3
31st Not a new tank but a fixed tank.132.1
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