February 2008

1st Locked out of work, pass not working.132.4
2nd Back on two wheels.133.4
3rd Riding around, taking pics.133.1
4th Spending more dollars on the bike so its more comfortable.133.4
5th Up to $630 and still going, this could get expensive!133.2
6th Stickey stick stick stickers.133.4
7th More searching.133.4
8th Is this a contact?132.5
9th Riding around wanting to do more k's.132.8
10th First wvd meeting for the year.132.7
11th More wanting and more spending.132.3
12th Another dodgy contact?132.8
13th Recalibrating tanks.133.3
14th Thinking of walking.132.7
15th Forgetting I was on call.133.2
16th Invite to plastic stuff.133.6
17th More searching for bears with two thumbs.133.2
18th Making stickers.131.4
19th Planning plastic.131.2
20th More Russians.133.2
21st More on call work.132.7
22nd Spending too much on Tupperware.132.5
23rd Comforting a ghost.133.1
24th Updating the vnv site.132.9
25th Chatty chat chat.132.7
26th Looking at Polar watches.133.0
27th Bleeding on the way home.132.7
28th Deposit on treadmill.133.2
29th Long day at work and leaving early to try and de-stress.133.7
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