December 2008

1st Another fun day at work trying to keep up with the full on work load.
2nd Signed contracts and handed to Monash.
3rd Another 1% interest rate drop
4th Got all the lens coat stuff, now waiting for the lenses.
5th Dealing with insurance companies.
6th Dinner at EC and chatting with Cheryl.
7th Catching Spending more $ on camera gear.
8th Organising cars and cats.
9th Chasing super.
10th Time for Smugmug I think?
11th Do I want a the 24mm or the 35mm?
12th Picking up the camera and having a play.
13th Way too wet and raining for the zoo, maybe next week.
14th Toy run.
15th Testing out the new camera to see what it can do.
16th now online.
17th Playing around with RAW.
18th Yet another new lens to the collection.
19th Saying goodbye to friends from work.
20th Day at the zoo with Kasper taking photos.
21st Processing photos.
22nd Updating sites and training the rest of the team.
23rd Booked the bike in to get looked at.
24th Got the 24-70.
25th Lunch with the family.
26th Walking around Jells park taking photos.
27th Relaxing and processing the photos.
28th Dometic duties around the house.
29th Chatting with Cheryl and organizing a lunch.....or dinner?
30th Almost the last bit of training.
31st Last day at work.
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