August 2008

1st Sorting stuff out and packing boxes.
2nd Foxtel install at the new house.
3rd Getting notice to evict papers from landlord.
4th Most of the packing is done.
5th Don't ya hate when Foxtel cut your account without telling you?
6th Nothing much happened and a normal day at work.
7th One more day till the Olympics. Can't wait.
8th Interesting times as the company goes into receivership.
9th Most of the packing is done.
10th More cleaning as it's hard rubbish collection.
11th Meeting with the administrators trying to get some answers.
12th Packing the wrong things.
13th Asking for what is owed.
14th Getting part of it but not all.
15th Last day of work for a week.
16th More packing and coming in 4th at the trivia night.
17th Organising the new house.
18th The big move.
19th Settling in and looking at all the full boxes around the house.
20th Loan application.
21st Loosing half a liter of blood.
22nd More unpacking.
23rd Back into the searching.
24th Last day of the break and getting ready for the morning grind.
25th Back at work.
26th Is that fish?
27th Just another day in the life of me.
28th More paperwork.
29th Sorting out loan stuff.
30th Relaxing day at the Philip Island.
31st Is the 5D out soon?
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