April 2008

1st More contacting fish.132.4
2nd Training training and more training.132.4
3rd More overtime.132.4
4th More overtime.132.4
5th New windscreen.132.4
6th Fish keep getting away but still throwing in the line.132.4
7th More Tupperware and fish that just may be there.132.4
8th New top box and other stuff for bike.132.4
9th Lets start walking and get the heart rate to 125bpm.131.5
10th More searching and contacts.131.5
11th Thinks looking better.131.5
12th Added foot pegs to bike.131.5
13th More work on bike.131.5
14th Expanding the fishing net.131.5
15th More foxtel in the house.131.5
16th Chatting away with Wendy.131.5
17th Tupperware meeting.131.5
18th Losing numbers.131.5
19th Chatting to Rosetta.131.5
20th Hours of chatting to Rosetta.131.5
21st More fishing and shopping.131.5
22nd Five hour chat with Rosetta and very tired.131.5
23rd More hours of chatting.131.5
24th Where is this going?131.5
25th On call.131.5
26th More chatting with Rosetta.131.5
27th Lunch with the family and Alexia's birthday.131.5
28th Confusing times.131.5
29th Don't ya just hate paying bills?131.5
30th Last day at Mulgrave for a while.131.5
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