September 2007

1st The colors, the pretty colors.
2nd Falling asleep early as all three are tired.
3rd Jumba pointing at the right place.
4th WTF!
5th Different roads, different paths and it looks like different destinations. How the hell do we combine these things to all point in the same direction?
6th Did I just go through a time machine? Is this seven years ago?
7th Planning to move begins.
8th Another day of working on the weekend just to keep my mind off things.
9th New gallery up and running.
10th First night back at home.
11th Lonely nights.
12th It may be time to look for a new housemate.
13th Dinner with some old friends.
14th New temp office.
15th More painting, back home and feeling the same.
16th Wanting more than is offered.
17th Now recruiting 60 people to sit at my desk.
18th Settling in.
19th Ice Cream for dinner? Sure why not!...well, I could think of a few reasons, but eh! if you enjoyed it then :D
20th Looks like its time to move on and work somewhere else closer to home. Fingers crossed for finding a new home quickly...
21th Not the job I thought but still good and will be a challenge.
22nd An awesome night at The War of The World live stage show.
23rd Planned on doing some more work but it didn't work out as planned.
24th More late nights at the office.
25th Showing others what vegan cooking is available.
26th More lego?
27th Looking for a new room mate begins.
28th Thinking about a new toy in a few years.
29th Relaxing day with friends at the Island.
30th House hunting and looking at new bikes.
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